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Program delivery

Your initiative, program or policy has been funded, but there is still plenty of work to do to achieve its benefits in practice. Dedication to implementation is the cornerstone of success for policy interventions.

Over time, you will likely need to consider the policy levers to adapt the way the program works, rapidly address arising areas of risk or liability, provide more support to people involved in service delivery, consolidate and share practice information, better coordinate program stakeholders, establish a digital presence or otherwise enhance the program.

You may be expected to routinely and accurately report progress of the initiative to senior executives, Minister(s) and the public. 

There may also be crunch periods when you face time, budget or staffing constraints, relative to the workload required.

Policy Performance can provide assistance in your time of need. A sample of services available include:

  • Policy writing: preparing briefings, policy updates/newsletters, compelling PowerPoint presentations, communication with stakeholders, application forms and other collateral

  • Data analysis and visualisation: drawing datasets together to analyse trends and patterns, including preparation of compelling visualisations of findings 

  • Monitoring and reporting: compiling monitoring data and performance reports

  • Project management: leading program and policy development activities, including team management


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