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Stakeholder engagement

“Charlie delivered work of a very high standard, he always responded to requests in a timely manner and he met all deadlines.  He has a very calm and composed manner which allows him to keep meetings and consultations on track and his professional approach made stakeholders feel comfortable in providing constructive feedback.”  


“We have now worked with Charlie over a number of years, and very much value his evaluation expertise. He is a thoughtful, collaborative evaluation partner, with deep subject matter knowledge, and a value-add to any project."

"Charlie at Policy Performance did an outstanding job on the mid program review. His attention to detail and thorough analysis of the data helped us to identify areas for improvement and implement effective solutions. His communication skills were exceptional, and he kept us informed every step of the way. His hard work and dedication to the project made it a success. We are extremely satisfied with the results and highly recommend Charlie to anyone in need of his services."

”Thank you for your dedication to this evaluation. It's actually made us realise we should be pursuing more budget, not less!" 

Investment logic modelling

“We have utilised Charlie on several occasions as an Investment Logic Modelling facilitator. I have always found Charlie to be a skilful facilitator who listens carefully to a conversation and appropriately guides the group to a great outcome. He is adaptable and quick on his feet and is able to bring his own insights from his expertise in policy and evaluation to any topic or issue.”


"I worked with Charlie Tulloch on a government investment logic map that backed up a business case. I highly recommend him. He is really good at scoping and mapping the problem, solution and strategies that make a compelling argument to seek funding."

Data analysis

“I partnered with Charlie on a data collection and analysis project. The requirements for the project fluctuated over a short period of time and Charlie did an excellent job understanding the client’s evolving needs and responding accordingly. He was also very responsive to me and demonstrated an openness to work through any issues and improvements in the deliverables. His calm, flexible and thorough approach to projects was very welcome and I look forward to working with him again.”

Project management and delivery

“I’ve had the good fortune to work over a decade or more on projects to which Charlie has contributed his expertise. In project management and execution, he is solution-oriented. His analysis of qualitative and quantitative data is rigorous, and he communicates findings purposefully and concisely. Charlie’s professional approach to accountability and collaboration generates productive conversations, teamwork, and optimism.”

Evaluation capability building (5-day policy, monitoring, evaluation and skills training) 

“The Vanuatu Government Monitoring and Evaluation Team attended the "Evaluation Training" in Melbourne as part of the Capacity Building in M&E Implementation in the Vanuatu Government. This training has more than met my expectations. A wonderfully practical course - both personally and professionally."

"I would like to acknowledge and thank you for an excellent training program that you have pulled together that has reached beyond the expectations of each participant."

Introduction to evaluation training - participant feedback

“Charlie's approach and delivery style made for an informative and engaging training course. Charlie was never overly technical and the case studies/course material was structured perfectly. This is a great step in building the capacity but more importantly confidence in our ability and culture around evaluation. The team and evaluation process will be much smoother as a result."

"Charlie was great. He's obviously extremely knowledgeable and experienced, while also being a comfortable presenter. I think the content was pitched at the right level - interesting and engaging.”

"Charlie was incredibly knowledgeable on the information he was providing, which produced a really thorough and engaging session. The information was also very well structured and flowed well."

"The structure of the presentation and the ease of Charlie's communication style were the two best things about the workshop."

"The way Charlie explained things was great! Very easy to understand and follow."

"Charlie was very knowledgeable, a great facilitator and delivered the workshop well. Just the right amount of workshop content - not too much not too little"

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