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In some cases, deep sectoral knowledge is required to lead consulting projects, particuarly where communication with experts and stakeholders works from a common usage of language, or where the service delivery context is particularly complex. 


However, many services use similar approaches to plan and monitor performance results, with lessons from disparate areas of service delivery often providing good practice exemplars. One example is the Investment Logic Mapping process, which in Victoria requires any submission for government investment to meet the Department of Treasury and Finance's (DTF) requirements. Similarly, the business case process and lapsing program evaluation templates seek a standardised approach.

In these cases, it is important that program delivery and review approaches are robustly applied to achieve a consistently high standard of project deliverables. Bespoke methods can also be designed and applied, where required, based on the topic, sector and circumstance. 

Sectors in which Policy Performance has past project experience include: education (early childhood, schooling, VET and higher education); tourism and event attraction; sport and recreation; environment support programs; economic development and industry transition; child protection and out-of-home care; courts and corrections; legal assistance services; emergency services; Indigenous affairs; workforce development; energy; and transport infrastructure. 

Our high-quality projects across a broad suite of public-sector programs is brought to bear to drive continuous improvement and to help managers to plan, measure and achieve their program and funding goals.