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Policy design and investment planning

Policy Performance helps clients with an array of policy development tasks needed to plan new initiatives or to seek re-funding. This may include assessing the feasibility of a new initiative or investment, preparing bids for funding, brainstorming service delivery options, considering ways to engage with stakeholders and service recipients, drawing linkages with related policies and programs, or undertaking program logic modelling to think through how an initiative is anticipated to work in practice. Services offered are outlined below. 

Investment Logic Mapping (ILM)

The process for initiatives to seek new or renewed funding must follow DTF's Investment Management Standard. This includes a series of up to four ILM workshops to draw key stakeholders together to support the generation of a clear investment story, with consideration for underlying problems (both causes and effects), the associated benefits that may be realised by taking positive action, a carefully considered suite of response options, and a concept brief for the chosen way forward. Outcomes of each workshop are documented into short graphics that summarise the key elements of the proposed investment.

These ILM workshops are best led by a DTF-accredited ILM facilitator. Charlie Tulloch achieved accreditation in 2016 and is able to lead the full series of ILMs for your proposed investment or funding proposal. Charlie's ILM CV, including indicative pricing, is detailed here.

Business Case Preparation

The ILM process often dovetails neatly with the preparation of business cases. Like ILMs, business cases outline the underlying policy problem, benefits to be achieved, response options and solutions. However, they take a broader view, considering such elements as interdependencies, timing, stakeholders, risk management, timelines and next steps. They allow for the evidence and rationale underlying the proposed intervention to be clearly documented.

Policy Performance is able to support you through all your business planning needs, having led many successful budget bids for organisations across the public sector in the past. Training is available in this area. 

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