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Building an organisational culture to handle monitoring, evaluation and learning activities is not easy. It all starts with familiarising staff with the core concepts of evaluative research and data collection. Policy Performance provides training to those interested in policy design and evaluation. 

Investment planning and design: 

- applied case-study based learning to define key elements of business cases

- context/problem/opportunity

- stakeholder identification

- role of government

- benefits definition and realisation

- activities, options

- preferred option selection and rationale

Core concepts and methods modules include: 

- key term in monitoring and evaluation

- rationale for evaluating

- role of the evaluator

- working with evaluation contractors

- establishing monitoring and evaluation frameworks

- theory of change and logic modelling

- defining key questions

- forming explicit judgements

- approach and methodology options

- data collection practice and pitfalls

- analysis, theming and pitfalls

- reporting and tailoring to audience(s)

Applied training is also available in key methodological areas: 

- interview skills, including theming of notes/transcripts

- survey question design and conduct

- observational study

- case study design and conduct

Reach out to define a tailored training program that meets the needs of your staff. 

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